16 Feb '13, 8pm

Hello Pattaya

Hello Pattaya

♡ I'm in Pattaya again after two years! Arrived Pattaya in the evening so we didn't make it to the beach today. We'll be spending our time on the swimming pool and the beach tomorrow. I AM DAMN EXCITED cuz this is the first time I'm not having my period on a beach trip. The last few Pattaya trips were all doomed cuz I was having my period and I can't go swimming. So when my period came right before CNY I was like fuckyea.jpg ( sorry if you're a guy and you're reading this period issue.lolll

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#ajax Hello World" Basic JSP Web Application us...

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Bye Bye Rolex Hello Apple iWatch

Bye Bye Rolex Hello Apple iWatch

q8critic.com 13 Feb '13, 4pm

Bye Bye Rolex Hello Apple iWatch! Bye Bye Rolex Hello Apple iWatch A financial news site reported that “Apple Inc. has a t...

Random Pattaya Beach.:

Random Pattaya Beach.:

chuckei.com 01 Mar '13, 8pm

Browsing through the pics taken in Pattaya made me feel so unreal cuz holidays are over already. It's like I just blogged ...

Hello Old Friend – Reimagining Marriott #travel #Lp #hotels #luxury via @landlopers

Hello Old Friend – Reimagining Marriott #travel...

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When I first started my professional career right out of graduate school I immediately gravitated towards a few brands for...