30 Jan '13, 11pm

awesome comments on knitwear

awesome comments on knitwear

show last week that I loved. The gold foiling at the hair was mesmerizing..medieval princess from the front and alien growth in the back. Leather tshirts looked almost soft enough to be fabric, the classic button down was tweaked and sashed, and that knotted sweater the perfect mass of controlled chaos. I clicked around on their site for a bit and their previous collection offers similarly awesome pieces in netted leather and sheer silks. Would probably screw around with foiling my head in some meek imitation if I had the slightest idea where to begin.

Full article: http://www.fashiontoast.com/2010/09/salasai.html


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Awesome Lunch at Disneyland Hotel

Awesome Lunch at Disneyland Hotel

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Awesome Lunch at Disneyland Hotel Part 1: To Hongkong I Go! After checking in to our hotel rooms, the organisers brought u...

soho, hoko

soho, hoko

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A walk through the Soho area of Hong Kong yesterday morning, wearing a skirt that I got in Paris a couple years ago. I tho...

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Meb is the American dream. SKECHERS has gained more with this athlete support than many other athlete sponsorships we see ...

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Arrived in Hong Kong this morning, here’s what I wore for the duration test of how long can I stay awake please let me mak...

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Recommendations….first, expect your hair to grow about three times faster the second you get there. It is amazing and you’...